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Guangzhou Aevision Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
 Add: 5th Floor, C Building, Maipu Industrial Park, No.2, Tiantai 1st Road, Science Town, Luogang District, Guangzhou
Corporate Culture
    Become the most respectable protection&security enterprise in China: AEVISION will develop company with a long-term perspective, honesty and responsible personal integrity, and concept of growing together. We harmoniously develop with the related interest community of the company and regard the respect from our customers, staff, cooperation partners and society as our own pride and pursue; we insist “Service First” concept, realize healthy and sustainable interest growth and create maximum value of the enterprise through mature and effective marketing and management mechanism; we attach great importance to our staff’s interests, stimulate potential employees, pursue the maximum realization of the staff value under the premise of  maximum enterprise value; we grow with all our cooperation partner and share the growth value together; we don’t forget to care and repay the society and we set an example by one's own action to promote the healthy development of the protection&security industry; we continuously strengthen our influence in the protection&security industry and keep the leading comprehensive strength in the domestic market.


Integrity, preciseness, conscientiousness, cooperation, innovation, emphasis on result.

Virtue first, integrity is the foundation;
Keep fairness, justice, honesty, sincerity, credibility;
Respect for self, respect for others, respect the objective laws, respect the company policies, self-love and self-reliance.
Keep precise attitude toward business and people. Ensure that everything is put into practice with careful consideration;
Precise work style can greatly reduce the number of accidents.
Responsibility is the first requirement of doing a good job;
Constantly pursue professional work style and constantly strengthen professional work quality;
With strong sense of responsibility, outstanding ability of bearing responsibility and character of taking responsibility.
Only excellent team can achieve excellent individual; harmonious development with the environment us is the basis of the success of the enterprise built to last ;
Active and initiative, attach importance to the overall benefit so that to create excellent team performance;
Look towards long-term profit with broad mind and constantly pursue excellent cooperation realm.

Innovation is not only a remarkable work method, but also a remarkable life belief;
Always seek better solution on pattern, method and content. Seek for greater perfection and strive for better result;
Constantly stimulate personal creativity, perfect innovation mechanism and promote the constant development of the company with comprehensive technical innovation, management innovation and business pattern innovation.
Emphasis on Result:
Result is the final goal of work and the final embodiment of own value;
Even though the process is wonderful, no result will cause losing its vitality.

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Add: 5th Floor, C Building, Maipu Industrial Park, No.2, Tiantai 1st Road, Science Town, Luogang District, Guangzhou
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